Monday, 29 June 2009


Please be careful if you have a puppy and an adult when re-introducing them after one has been out.

Yeats came home Saturday and Balian turned himself inside out to say hello and got his paw caught in a small gap between the slabs, and now has a broken toe.
The pup has his foot in a pot and the gap has been filled in as with all, but it's a warning to all just how easy it is to do something stupid.
First time I have had a dog break anything bar a freak accident years ago where I sat on Ebony's tail........................

Hopefully will get photos up later in week but afraid Balain come first

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Maggie and Elsa

Maggie and Lydia in the garden

Elsa and Maggie in garden, lovely photo

Maggie and Elsa having a run

Maggie sat proud

Heard from Karen recently and she send me the above photos, thanks very much, I was hoping to see Maggie and Elsa at club show but I did not see them, be lovely to meet Elsa and see Maggie again but photos for now will have to do, they look lovely together

my second birthday

This is me Ava dressed up ready for my birthday party...... not too sure, but I may go somewhere nice

This is me Ava and my dad.......................

Looking pretty just sat wondering if they have remembered my birthday.

Thanks Louise for the updates and the lovely photos.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pups at 5 weeks

Rose sat at outside

Cove sat outside

Flower sat looking

Sugar sat looking straight at me

Daz sat looking over the fence at the birds

Saddle wanting his mum.................

3 spot looking like he was going to jump, his mum was just out of the picture.

Pups had their first out side 5 minutes yesterday and took the opportunity to take some photos, what a lovely evening it was

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Django on his 2sd birthday

Django relaxing on the sofa after helping his dad fix the garden shed and chasing round the garden all day with his buddy Dolce, below with his bit of the shed, not sure as Kathy didn't say whether he was helping in taking aways bits to help tidy up or just doing what munsters do. Lovely to catch up on the dogs. Thanks Kathy for the photos and update

Balian - second weeks training

Balian sat in kitchen with a pile of toys waiting for action!!!!

Braving the water a little bit by paddling

Running up and down by the side of the lake wondering if he dare go in

Out in the woods enjoying the smells

With my pal investigating whatever has been here before us

Having a well deserved drink after playing with a toy

Thanks again to Hannah and Sue for the hard work this week, he's been to ringcraft and is having a good time, he comes home next weekend for a few weeks. Miss him but know he's in safe hands

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Obi, Freckles and Noodle at Border Union

Today was Border Union show up at Kelso and Flikka and Tweed's sister Noodle won Post Graduate Bitch and their cousins Obi and Freckles both won Puppy in each sex and Obi beat his sister to Best Puppy today, WELL DONE from all here.............. really missing my shows

Friday, 19 June 2009

Busy week

Yeats looking fed up, he was hoping to be able to go with me when I fetched the dog papers.

The new dog pen now mostly slabbed, been a labour of love this week as father started this and then fell over watering his garden and hurt his knee so I had to finish it..................... next bright idea can I have somebody else do the donkey work, nearly done but some will need leveling, wanted to finish last night before the rain came and gap wasn't big enough for the slab hence the brick

Later the same day when I had done some more and Tweed was investigating why Yeats was sat on the soil in the wheel barrow, think she thought he was mad, but he kept jumping in it while I was putting the soil in earlier in the week...........

Yeats sat up looking handsome and proud sat on his wheel barrow full of soil when I was coming through the gate after watering the garden

The soil I moved from the dog area had to go somewhere!!!!! So decided to make a border, but it ended up much bigger than I had thought and had to buy plants to fill it up, not impressed at that. Just the area in front now to sort out when I feel up to it.

This has been done between going to the vets, shopping, taking father to hospital, looking after the pups and other dogs. Must say was delighted yesterday when Yeats name sake won the Ascot Gold Cup for the record breaking 4th year in a row.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the "O" litter. They were 2 today.

Annie, Breeze, Ava, Nelly, Django, Hector and Sam

Sorry it is late in the day

Pups at 4 weeks

Flower at 4 week - a girl

Cove at 4 weeks - a girl

Rose at 4 weeks - a girl

Sugar at 4 weeks - a girl
Below the 3 boys

Saddle at 4 weeks - a boy

Dazzle at 4 weeks - a boy pup

3 spot at 4 weeks - dog pup

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Kobi - Ichbin L litter

Kobi sat looking lovely and handsome, thanks to Ian for sending the photo, very artistic...

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Balian - first weeks training

Balian looking for trouble, by wondering if he can get away with having an investigation of a muddy puddle............ He is away training and it's me that is suffering not him by the look of these photos

Balian doing a recall while out on a walk, lucky him to have a walk like this on the doorstep

Balian out on a walk looking to see what is in the hedgerow, a typical munster trait.

Practising his sit stay in the garden with his pals Bryn and Ivy, he sat before he left here but didn't stay

Laid in the kitchen with Ivy, ever hopeful of some food

Sitting in the garden wondering what is going happen next

Looking into things soon after he arrived

Thanks to Sue and Hannah for taking Balian for some training as I cannot put the work in due to my ankle and knee. Hannah will be taking him into the show ring for me and feel only fair to let her get to know him. He is down with them for about 5 weeks then home then back again as he grows up so he gets the "extra" all pups need and I cannot give just now.

Lets see what next weeks photos tell us he has been up to

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

something different during May

Paulyne and her friend Margaret went to the Chelsea Flower Show, not that I am into flowers I was intrigued to see the garden that James May was involved in, he is one of the presenters of Top Gear, and this is the photo of his plasticine garden, yes it is fake, but could you guess by the photo. They kindly sent me this so thought I would share it..........................

Balian relaxing this week

puppies at 3 weeks old

Sugar one of the girls at 3 weeks old

Flower one of the girls at 3 weeks old

Saddle one of the boys at 3 weeks old

Dazzle one of the boys at 3 weeks old

Cove one of girls at 3 weeks old

3 spot a boy at 3 weeks old

Rose one of the girls at 3 weeks old