Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Thanks to Katie

Thanks must go to Katie for all the hard work she has done over the years on my sites when I was unable to do it myself, now I have to say I really do appreciate all the hard work.
I would also like to thank Katie for being on the end of a phone when I started doing this website, she has laughed her head off at my questions etc but is always willing to help.
Now getting the hang of putting this together hopefully she go off and doing more of her painting.
Good luck for 2009

Heide's 2008 roundup

Ichbin Bedazzled von Estmarza O W

2008 has been an amazing year for us working in obedience competition.. It started with the fantastic experience of competing at Crufts where we worked the ‘C’ class for the Southern team in the inter-regional competition. We came third in the class enabling the team to hold their lead and win the competition. After many years of being involved in obedience stepping out to work on that green carpet is a very special experience.
All the extra winter training for Crufts set us up for a good start to the season and after a few good places we got the 1st place we were looking for. This meant that Heide had qualified to work in the ‘ticket’ class. In obedience you have to qualify to work in the Championship ‘C’ class. The season continued with more good places and from July on we were able to start trying the championship ‘C’ class. Although exercises in open ‘C’ and ticket are basically the same the ticket ‘C’ rounds are usually longer and much more complex. The concentration required is huge, not a problem to Heide but quite a challenge for me so when we achieved a 6th place in September I was so proud of my clever girl.
We have had a fabulous year, Heide is now having a well deserved winter rest before gearing up for the challenges of next season but 2008 will certainly be one to remember.

The above is from Elaine and Heide, the postscript to this is Heide and Elaine also achieved their OBEDIENCE WARRANT which means she can add O.W. after her name. At first we thought she was the first Large Munsterlander to achieve this but Jean Beddows told me Teela BEDOWNA BLISS achieved the same. Funny I got into LM's because of watching this girl work, now have bred one doing the same thing.................. I am so proud of Elaine and Heide, but also not forgetting Elaine also works Nelke too and is doing very well with her....... GOOD LUCK WITH BOTH GIRLS FOR 2009.

countdown to 2009

I would like to take the chance while it is peaceful this morning to wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR

I am hoping for a peaceful one.


Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tarot and his new pal exploring

Tarot and his new pal exploring the garden

Fluich Spring Shaman

Tarot's New home

Tarot went to visit his new people on December 21st and ended up staying, photo shows him relaxing on Christmas day

Heide and Nelke Christmas 2008

Relaxing after open some pressies, thanks Elaine for the photo

Stoli & Yeats enjoying Christmas 2008

Thursday, 25 December 2008


Thanks to Carolyn and Hector for this lovely Christmas picture.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


I am very sorry to have to tell you all that Kalli ie Sh Ch Ichbin Heavensent of Yeldoaks has past over the rainbow bridge today and our thoughts have to go to Janet her very proud owner, she produced one litter for Janet under the Yeldoaks affix, back in July 2001 and out of the 7 in the litter, 4 gained their titles and one is sitting on a CC.

It is even sadder as one of the litter past over November this year and hopefully now Kalli and Devon are running free with wind flowing through their coats.

My thoughts go out to Janet, at least Kesi, Kalli's daughter is at home to give Janet some comfort and support.

20 12 1996 to 23 12 2008.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Murphy 2 - A Yeats brother from Scotland

This is Murphy, to me "Murphy 2" as he has another brother with the same name and both live in Scotland, so the one who lives further north I call "Murphy 2", sorry Stuart but easier for me to remember who is who!
Murphy lives with his pal Paddy and owner Stuart. Stuart says he is very active and rarely still.
The photo is one of those rare moment in the garden!!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Nessie - Fluich Classic Silver

Nessie shown here being a typical Gordon puppy, it sums up a Gordon so much. She really enjoys life and at obedience training is the apple of mums eye as is now training up with the big dogs at just 7 months old. Maybe a future obedience champion ...... who knows .......

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Stormy - Ichbin Passion

This shows Stormy out with part of her family while on holiday on the Yorkshire moors, she also spends time in France when the family go there for a break, the photo is very apt as leading up to Christmas and all the snowy weather we have been having recently.