Wednesday, 28 July 2010

what some of the dogs are doing this afternoon!!!!

Heather has taken to curling up in the cage since being spayed last week, everybody else you will see is flat out she did at least raise her head when I came in from bringing in the washing.
Heather will be off shortly to her new home, she will be missed, but best for her.

Whispa is visiting today while her owners are out, and she decided to take up residence on one sofa, no room for me to sit down......

Demi laid, well sort of, on the back of the chair, no she isn't related to Satchmo, as he does that too, the pups have been playing all morning, nice to have some quiet time!!

Sage again deep in sleep, laid across most of the other sofa

Dear Echo, laid in the doorway as she likes to be cool, is staying today, she at least opened her eyes when I stepped over her to take the photo, Echo, bless her, is coming up to 14 years old.

I started the day off industrious until the hoover belt broke, so have had a lazy day since by watching the European athletics and Glorious Goodwood horse racing, in between wrestling the junk post off 2 pups as they decided to help themselves to it out of the firegrate.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Leeds Champ Show

Leeds Champ Show
Large Munsterlanders
judge Sandra Marshall
Annie and Jo
Ichbin OceanMagic
3rd Post Grad Bitch

Team Celtaur
in Large Munsterlanders
Paulyne and Merlin
Celtaur African Swallow of Palangor
3rd Limit Dog

Gordon Setters
Mrs Bonnie Scougall
Celtaur Bealtuinn of Palangor
Alan & Chevy
1st Mid Limit Dog

Decided to stay home and watch the motor race,

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Demi needs a home

My steel grey and white large munsterlander girl needs a loving pet home, she is now 5 months old, she is cage trained, micro chipped and fully vaccinated.
She travels short distances in the car and is house trained.
Her colour is a throw back to the breed before they came over here in the 1970's
For more details either email on
if you would like to phone
01778 560223
leave a message with number and will return your call

Saturday, 17 July 2010


The following 5 were all eye tested today under the KC/BVA schemes
pleased to say all

Large Munsterlanders
Ichbin Luminary
Ichbin Ocean Magic
Ichbin Vaga

Gordon Setters
Fluich Spring Shaman
Fluich Celtic Spells

Sunday, 11 July 2010

A hot East of England Champ Show

It was very warm this morning but back home by mid day so not too bad and the breeze was a blessing
Large munsterlanders judged by Mr G Hargreaves
Louise and Millie
Ichbin Witchcraft
5th Junior bitch

Representing Team Celtaur today
Gordon Setters
Chevy 5th Limit dog
Celtaur Bealtuinn of Palangor
Judge Dr R James
Large munsterlanders
Paulyne and Merlin
2sd Limit Dog
Celtaur African Swallow of Palangor
Tina and Onyx
2sd Limit bitch
Ellscott Glen Lochy at Celtaur (AI)
and my Flikka
making her debut back in the ring
4th Open bitch of 8
Celtaur Antique Silver

Thanks to Ali for helping showing Flikka as still cannot run a dog due to a bad knee

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Luna update

Thought in all this hot weather this might cool us all down, this is Luna back in the snow we had at the beginning of the year, she is fine enjoying life to the full and very much part of the family, thanks again for the updates look forward to seeing her in person when you can

KOBI update

This is Kobi sat in the garden aged 16 months looking very pleased with life, his owners say he is lovely, and loves life, thanks for the update look forward to the next one

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Windsor Champ Shows part two

Sharon and Marli
on taking the
Bitch Challenge Certificate
this makes Marli
Show Champion Ichbin Pagus of Rockfest
Subject to K C confirmation

Well done
Louise and Millie
4th Junior Bitch
Ichbin Witchcraft

Windsor Champ show today

Large Munsterlanders
Paulyne & Merlin
3rd Limit Dog
Celtaur African Swallow of Palangor

Gordon Setters
Alan & Chevy
1st Limit Dog
Celtaur Bealtuinn of Palangor JW


Saturday, 3 July 2010

JODIE update summer 2010

Jodie sat in Trevor's garden, his constant companion and also a working girl.
Maturing nicely
Always lovely to see all as they grow up and mature.