Monday, 14 September 2009


this is harvey with Ann's gran son at home clean and tidy

Harvey exploring the water

Being enticed to go in with a dummy on a long line

With his mate Murphy on the way out to the water

Sat dry and handsome at home

Thanks to Ann for the photos,

Milly Ichbin Witchcraft

This is what they get up to when they get some free time, digging the mole hill and depositing the grass elsewhere, thanks Loiuse for these today. This is normal, this is in the owners dog field not their lawn.............

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Milly Ichbin Witchcraft

This is Louise's pup, she is sat looking up mum, taken a while back now, look forward to seeing her as she grows up, being a Somerset girl it will have to be at the shows, cannot wait


this is Otto Ichbin Warwick Avenue, who lives with Maxine and her family, he was busy exporing the rockery here, sure he has grown loads since you sent me this, he does actually appear in the Supporters Calender for Large Munsterlander Rescue, along with others who have supported this year, anybody wanting a copy of this before it sells out please either email me or phone for price details etc.

August Birthdays

Again decided to start with belated birthdays. Will I ever get these done on the day...who knows.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sona, my gordon setter, her birthday was on the 8th,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Ichbin "I" litter, hope you had a good day and got treated to some thing really nice.


Normal postings will now begin again its been a busy month, thanks to all who have send in photos etc they will now be used and to save overloading the poor site will add a few daily.

Will get the website updated too this month now have a little time, so sorry to the L and W litter not ignoring you and will get you up shortly.

Still waiting for the op on now my ankle not my knee and will be pleased when that is done as has limited me to where I have been able to go show wise, although my setter, Yeats has been to loads of shows maily due to his handlers......