Saturday, 26 June 2010

Blackpool Results

At a very very hot day the following Large Munsterlanders did well
Jo and Annie
3rd Post Grad Bitch
Ichbin Ocean Magic

Team Celtaur's results today
Hazel and Flint
2sd Post Grad dog
Celtaur Smoking Gun

Tina and Freckles
1st Post Grad Bitch
Celtaur Speckled Garnet

Simon and Noodle
handled today by Tina
2sd Open Bitch
Sh Ch Celtaur Atlantic Seal JW

Must say am really pleased sat at home in the shade if it's as hot as they say I cannot cope with it really hot.
Well Done all of you

Friday, 25 June 2010

Tarot and his topknot.....................

Have used this before I am sure but have been filing today and sorting and this is Tarot at his back door, reminding me to book the groomer for his children and his sister, as I can stand the tatty feet but the topknots have to go!!!!
Thanks Jenny and Pete for the photo
Cannot believe he has been with you 18 months now
See you all next month

Thursday, 24 June 2010

thanks Ronnie

Rhum sat waiting for her new owner to collect her
Thanks Ronnie for giving a home in Scotland
Look forward to the updates as she grows

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Nessie wins

Nessie who belongs to Ali, is proving she has brains as well as beauty, she got her Kennel Club Good Citizen's awards at an early age,
Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Now older she is proving good at Agility, and won her Club event
Well done Ali and Nessie

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

MONA settling in

Mona doing a sit stay with new best mate Fiji

Mona relaxing at home
Thanks Vince for giving Gossip, now Mona, such a lovely home, as you can see she is already being trained, Vince runs a display team and his own dog training facility.
Look forward to hearing how she progresses, the good and the bad.
Thanks again


Higgins and his dad having an outing at Otley, as you can see he's growing into a handsome boy, thanks again Sam and family

Border Union Champ Show at weekend

TEAM CELTAUR @ Border Union Champ Show

Gordon Setter, Chevy, 2sd Limit Dog
Judge Debbie Harker
Celtaur Bealtuinn of Palangor

Large Munsterlanders
Flint, 4th Post Grad Dog
Celtaur Smoking Gun
Merlin, 2sd Limit Dog
Celtaur African Swallow of Palangor
Noodle, 1st Limit Bitch Rcc
Sh Ch Celtaur Atlantic Seal JW
Judge Mr R Houghton

Shanna , Breeze and Ninka

Shanna was one of the bridesmaids, 2sd from the left and just proves we can all scrub up clean sometimes, thanks Shanna, and below are her 2 munsters, the pup is Ninka aged 8 weeks and mum is Breeze, Irish Show Champion Ichbin Ocean Breeze.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Rhum needs a home

I still need a home please if you can help phone on 01778 560223 or email

Whispa while visiting

Whispa relaxing while visiting her new home this week, she goes to her new home next month when owners have had their holiday

Thanks Vince

Photo taken yesterday but Gossip is on her way to her new home down south, it was lovely to meet Vince and his travelling companions.
Good luck with her

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Gossip relaxing this afternoon

Gossip relaxing after having a busy morning
The rest will be updated as the day goes on,
Gossip still needs a home as does Rhum enquiries via email or phone

Echo and Whispa

Whispa introducing herself to Echo who was visiting on Monday, she will go and live with Echo, Brian and Pauline when they come back off their holidays in a couple of weeks time, thanks for giving this loving young lady a home.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


the peas as they were meant to look and below what they and the potatoes look like when SOMEBODY leaves the veg garden gate open and 5 pups have some "FUN"

Rhum sat watching who is coming

it was Rhums turn to come in on her own today and she decided to relax on the settee, the alert expression is cause somebody was coming in,


Satchmo came for a few days and he decided
to take up his normal place of residence, the back of the chair, a real chip off the old block as his mum use to sit in the same place, crumbs 3 years since she went and it still hurts ......

Monday, 7 June 2010

way to go Kaia

at the LMC show yesterday they held a scurry and Kaia was the fastest Large munsterlander being beaten into second place by 4/100th of a second by a Goldie attending the show

Sarah had a good day winning 2 classes with her other munster Loki.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

LMC Champ Show

It was very warm today but at least the rain stayed off and only thundered as we left,
Ali came and picked me and Balian up this morning, then her car died when we arrived at the show, she had the RAC take her back to Essex, me and Balian came home via Toni Ann, so thanks for the lift very much appreciated.
THANKS Ali & Toni Ann
At the show judge Raymond Butler
3rd Junior dog & 2sd Novice dog
handled by Ali

today was represented by
Gill and Amber
3rd post grad bitch
Simon and Lorrianes Noodle
1st Limit Bitch

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Rhum and her dad

Rhum laid down looking at a bird today in the shade this morning

Then deciding to flirt with her dad to get him to play

After playing mum making me do a Sit and Stay....... she says I will need to learn this when I get a new owner, but soon give up as I find concentrating for long a little boring, well I am only little, but enjoy the treats and praise that go with the boring stuff


Daddy dog, Balian, below one of his daughters
This is Sage, sat in the dog run, today, the look says it all, I was trying to get a photo of her with her dad but she refused to sit with him, he was, as usual, laid down elsewhere saying "so what" as the photo above Sage clearly shows.......................


Whispa looking to see where her dad had gone too this morning
and finding him and giving him big girlie kisses, she is such a loving girl with dogs and humans


Investigating with my dad yesterday
Saying hello to Satchmo who is visiting for the weekend, I like these boys and am respectful of my peers, I am still looking for a home if anybody can help me please


Hello dad can I whisper in your ear..................
Demi relaxing after playing all morning, as you can see at home and settled, and no not a strange tint on the photo she is blue and white

Friday, 4 June 2010

Southern Counties Champ Show

News just in from the show,
sole representative today

Chevy & Alan
Celtaur Bealtuinn of Palangor
under judge Hillary Tye
first time in Limit Dog was SECOND of 8
Thanks Paulyne for the text