Saturday, 25 April 2009

pups at 7 weeks old

This is Dallas, sat looking handsome

This is Saddle, not being strangled but decided to lunge just as camera clicked!!!!
Edited to add Saddle is now Kobi

This is Derby who was Clyde
Edited to say new name is Baloo (from the Jungle Book)

This is Bailey who was Fly

This is Luna

Pups start going to new homes next weekend, Flikka and I will miss them. If anybody interested please contact me, as Tweeds litter is due in May

Friday, 24 April 2009

Just groomed

Lorraine groomed Sona today and her face says it all...... (Lorraine's not Sona's)
Lorraine use to show her during puppy, not been stacked since.... 3 years later, still remembered what to do and wow how she has matured......... my happy girl

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

LMC Annual Awards 2008

This Heide, Ichbin Bedazzled Von Estmarza, proudly sat with her 1st place prize card and the Trophy she has won for the last 5 years I beleive. Well done Elaine, and keep up the good work.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Tarot and his new pal are hoping to go out to the beach again today, Happy Birthday to all 5 of the Spring litter, and to Tarot, hi dad, from your children, all 11 of them, and from me

Monday, 20 April 2009

Nessie's first birthday bash

Nessie flying round showing off to Sonar on her birthday

Ruby telling her mum what Nessie is doing with Sonar

Nessie after she had opened her pressies with Ruby in the background, above and below

Ruby saying she couldn't wait to be told she can start the cake!! Sonar and Nessie just lay down waiting

The birthday cake before it was demolished. Made from doggy goodies.

Thanks to Ali for the party photos, the other dogs featured are Ali's other dogs

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Happy Birthday to all of Sona's brood from her first litter.

Doesn't time fly by doesn't seem 14 months since she led Tarot up the garden path.

Tarot no doubt will be totally unaware what today is...........hope he's enjoying himself

Monday, 13 April 2009

Photos from GSA Champ Show 11 April 2009

Chevy taken outside, missed him in his class
Celtaur Bealtuinn Of Palangor JW, this is Yeats mums half brother

Lorraine and Piper, (Lorraine is in the cream top)
Braemoran Celtic Piper at Romileys
This is one of Lorraine's own Gordons, she is the lady who handles Yeats

Lorraine and Yeats moving in Puppy Dog
Fluich Celtic Sword

Lorraine and Yeats waiting to be gone over by the judge

Yeats deciding he's had enough and not wanting to stand to have his write up done, lady with dictaphone is the judge

Hannah and Yeats (not behaving) in Junior Handling. Yeats and Hannah are a very new partnership

Nessie and Ali standing in puppy bitch
Nessie is the middle one

Nessie and Ali on the move.

Pups at 5 weeks

Clyde sat watching

Clyde on the move

Yeats playing with pup look under his head

Having a feed off mum

Luna on the move

Fly, Luna and mums head

Saddle outside for the first time

Saddle & Dallas outside for the first time

Yeats looking at pups in the doorway and behind laying with mum

Pups first time out for a few minutes aged 5 weeks, we actually had some sun today, they don't it still long now to take photos these days

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Gordon Setter Ass Champ Show 2009

First show since Crufts and a huge entry of over 190 for judge Madame Corinne Riboulet from France.
Firstly "Thanks" to Lorraine for the grooming prior to the shows so the dogs look at their best.

Well we had a very good day, I cannot show at moment due to knee and foot injury and hobble arround with my stick. Lorraine also handled Yeats again in the breed classes, and he was 2sd in Puppy dog, his last puppy class and 4th in Novice dog, so he has now qualified for Crufts 2010.
Lorraine also qualified her own boy Piper, Braemoran Celtic Piper at Romileys by taking 3rd in Post Graduate Dog, there was 11 in his class. She was delighted, and I was thrilled with Yeats.

Chevy, Paulyne's and Alan's dog Celtaur Bealtuinn of Palangor was 3rd in Graduate Dog, this wasn't a Crufts qualifying class, but he does not need to qualify each year as he has qualified for life by gaining his Junior Warrent.
Lorraine also stood 4th in Post Graduate Bitch with her Demi, Ordett Merlot Via Roydack JW, a good placing in a class of 18 and she like Chevy has her JW.

Little Nessie, Yeats sister attending her first championship show had entered 3 classes and although unplaced both owner and dog enjoyed the day out and will be at the next Championship show, Ali said she had a good day out and had never seen so many Gordons in one place..

Hannah who will be taking over showing Yeats for me this year was entered in Junior Handling and has now qualified for Richmond Semi Finals which is held in September, well done and good luck with the partnership as she normally shows my Munsters but have nothing right now to take out until the pup comes out in September.

Must say show was very well run and what a lovely atmoshere, it was lovely to walk round and chat with friends who I haven't seen since Setter and Pointer in Nov 2008, down side was had to leave before end of show as pups needed looking after at home.
Hope Ali managed to take some photos if so will post later on.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Annual Awards 2008

Two delighted owners have just let me know the following, photos will follow soon, but well done to both of you.
Shanna in Ireland with Breeze Ichbin Oceanbreeze was delighted when the Irish Kennel Club sent her a certificate through the post saying "Annual Award 2008", and this means she took the most Best of Breeds that year in Large Munsterlanders and can add "A.W.2008" after her name. Even more well done as her first year at showing too.

Elaine with Heide, Ichbin Bedazzled Von Estmarza O.W. won the Large Munsterlander Club Annual Award again for the Datroy Penny Black Obedience Shield, Novice and above. Elaine has been competing all year in the Championship 'C' classes and holding her own, and is one step away from being able to compete for Obedience CC's at Crufts.

WELL DONE and proves you can acheive anything if you put the time and effort in with your dogs

Nessie - Fluich Classic Silver

The above photo shows Nessie stood with her grand dad after attending her first show

Nessie and grand dad relaxing on his birthday

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Puppy play time

Yeats plays with the pups with Flikka

Flikka and pups and Yeats looking on

Flikka and the pups

Yeats looks on as Flikka plays with Fly

Yeats and Flikka and pups

Flikka and pups

Flikka trying to to go to sleep while pups have a drink and Yeats wonders if he could be allowed to join in.

The pups now allowed to play with Yeats under Flikka's supervision, they all had a good time, Yeats was so good and very respectful of Flikka and her pups

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Yeats, Satchmo and Flikka relaxing

Satchmo relaxing on his holidays

Flikka chilling out.........................

Satchmo and his mate Yeats after being out

Yeats chilling out before being groomed

Pups at 4 weeks

Saddle sat watching the others this morning

Luna attempting to fetch large tuggy this morning

Luna just sat

Flikka looking down on Dalla and Fly

Fly playing with toy

Dallas going to sleep in chair

Clyde sat about to go to sleep

Puppies playing

Pups play time this am