Saturday, 28 March 2009

Pups at 3 weeks old









Luna (was Oona) owners picked her name now


As promised photos of pups taken today, not the easiest to take as now on the move and don't sit still for long.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Flikka's unexpected day out

This was taken this morning as I was heading out and Flikka asked to go too. So in the car we went to the supermarket, got back into the car and my clutch went. AA duly called and the 1/2 hour trip out turned out to be 4 hours, by the time the car was towed to the garage and we got home, bless Flikka she was an absolute angel, made a fuss of everybody and so good.
Home she came and she went into her pups and haven't seen her since.
Will post individual photo's up tomorrow when life has settled down again.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tarot enjoying himself on Crufts day

While his son Yeats was strutting his stuff at Crufts earlier this month, Tarot and his new buddy were having a wonderful time charging round at the local beach, they look so happy and free, thanks for the photo

Monday, 23 March 2009

pups at 14 days old

All lined up asleep, no they did themselves I just went in with camera

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Maggie and her new play mate Elsa

Thanks Karen and the update on Maggie, she now has a new playmate Elsa who is a Blitzan
Photos above show Maggie and Elsa who Karen picked up this week. Good luck with the puppy.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pups 5 days old

Oona the girlie

Saddle (boy)

Fly (boy)

Dallas (boy)

Clyde (boy)

Individual photos as requested

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Yeats at Crufts 2009

I got 3rd, Lorraine very happy, can't understand the fuss myself!!

This is me in the middle, not sure what I am doing........

First 3 in the class getting a write up, taken from across the ring from behind

Sat on bench with my 3rd prize, can I just so to sleep

Thanks to Ali for taking him and Lorraine for showing him. Ali took the photos, so at least have record of him in the ring.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Flikka and babies


Was up most of night waiting for the happy event, she managed to wait until Yeats was at Crufts before having her little brood. As you can see by photos a small litter, will contact people tomorrow.


My heartfelt thanks must go to Ali who drove up from Basildon, via Hatfield Heath to pick up Hannah and Fudge who were in the gamekeeper classes, dog and handler enjoyed the day although were unplaced in both classes.
Ali then came via me to pick up Yeats and take him so Lorraine could handle him for me in the Gordon's.
They had a really good time, Yeats despite only attending 2 shows prior to Crufts because of my bad knee after being totally overwhelmed by the occasion stood 3rd in Special Puppy out of 5. Cannot thank Ali for taking him, Lorraine for showing him and Steve for looking after him all day..

I have to admit to being really worried about him, but by all accounts he was fine, can't wait to get him home again which should be soon as they phoned to say they had left the NEC. Photos will follow in a day or so. THANKS ALL

Busy day at Crufts 2009


Special mention to :-
Jo and Annie (Ichbin Ocean Magic) who stood 2sd in large post graduate class, first time showing at Crufts.
Angie and Satchmo (Ichbin Your Minstrel) who stood 5th in large post graduate class, first time owner has had to show him at Crufts as he was there with me last year.
Another first timer to Crufts Shanna and Breeze, Ichbin Ocean Breeze who really enjoyed her day out even though unplaced in Limit Bitch.

Hopefully photos will follow when I get them as I was home whelping Flikka today, more details on that later

Friday, 6 March 2009

Flikka and Yeats playing!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Flikka playing tug with Yeats in the garden taken 5 minutes ago. Think she has her own agenda re having the puppies, no doubt she will when she decides she is ready, although she is due today, but as you can see she is very happy and relaxed................... so if she is chilled then so am I.

Going to get Yeats ready for his big day tomorrow at Crufts, he will be my representative as Sue has the flu and so Tweed is having to stay home. Yeats hope his relatives do well at Crufts, and Tweed wants her munster mates to do well.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Mum to be still waiting............................

This is "mum to be" late this morning wandering round looking quite happy. Will be amazed if she starts before bedtime, but knowing her she'll take her time and produce when she is ready!!!!

Yeats watching the birds in the hedge

Yeats watching the birds in the hedge.

Yeats attempting to keep clean ready for his his day out on Saturday at Crufts.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Romford show at weekend

Took Tweed along and she stood second, mainly an outing so Hannah had her for Junior Handling and ready for Crufts, it was lovely to see Pheobe there (Ichbin Evening Whispers) who did take Best Puppy on the day which is lovely, well done.