Wednesday, 25 February 2009

mum to be

This is Flikka, taken today, stood watching father make another gate for the veg garden, looks very relaxed and happy with approx 9 days to go whelping.


This is Esther who is 10 today, one of the "R" litter which was born 25 02 1999.
Esther is Freya's mum who I exported over to Sweden as a 4 month old puppy, such a sweetie and would have stayed if I hadn't already promised her to Maria in Sweden.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Looking back


Today is the Ichbin "G" litters birthday, born 22 02 1994, I believe all have now departed. A lot of the Ichbin original line can be traced back to Ichbin Gretchan aka Ebony.
Ebony produced 3 litters, in her first litter of 9 to Ch Raycris Hi Flyer, they produced Janet Smiths Sh Ch Ichbin Heavensent of Yeldoaks, who gained 20 CC's and was a lovely ambassador for the breed, she is turn was the dam of the Yeldoaks litter born 15 07 2001, out of a litter of 7 she produced 4 Show Champions and one with 1 CC to date. One of the boys, Sh Ch Yeldaks Hot Pursuit JW Sh cm, was mated to Ichbin Rheininsel, who also was a Ebony daughter, from her second litter, and they produced Ichbin Pagus of Rockest who is sitting on 2 CC's.

Ebony's second litter to Blitzan Rendition, produced 9, one of which I just mentioned, and also Sh Ch Ichbin Rheinrassig and Nor Sh Ch Ichbin Rhiengold, who is mum to Freya at Ichbin (Imp Swe). Who is gran to Stoli, Ichbin Egyptian Lord.

Ebony's 3rd litter saw me go back to Ch Raycris Hi Flyer, and although Ping, Ichbin Finesse wasn't a big winner in the show ring her first litter to Blitzan Rendition, produced Ch Ichbin Bydesign JW, and Ichbin Bedazzled V Estmarza OW, who has now retired from the show ring with 1 CC, she also excels in the obedience world and is currently working in Championship C Oedience and holding her own very well.

Ebony you filled big boots when your mum, Zaya, went, but you in your turn have also left your imprint on the Ichbin line and Large Munsterlanders arround the world.

Along with the well known ones mentioned above Ebony's children have been and are loyal and much loved family pets.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Misty & Shamrock enjoying themselves

Misty and spot Shamrock!!


Received today, these photos show Misty and Shamrock enjoying themselves out on a recent walk,
thanks to their owner for this lovely lot of photos.

Monday, 9 February 2009

snow in Northern Ireland

The photos show Breeze in the snow taken recently in this wonderful winter weather...........
Hopefully they aren't snowed in, I'm waiting for it to melt enough to get out of the yard where the car is parked, one of the down sides of living in the back of beyonder, would be nice to see the postman again.
Thanks Shanna for the lovely photo's

Friday, 6 February 2009


Crumbs meant to be keeping up this year, just realized an behind with wishing the "V" litter and "S" litter HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Will try and keep up...........

Thursday, 5 February 2009




Friends dogs in Essex

this is Paulyne's and Alan's 3 youngsters enjoying the snow

Dogs playing in the snow etc

We have had 2 lots of snow here, at beginning of week it was just a covering, but made up for it this morning!!! Pleased didn't have to go anywhere at all.
As you'll see dogs really enjoyed the snow today, and our road was impassable only had a couple of tractors and large 4 x 4 down it..........we very rarely get this much hence the last photos showing the road

Monday, 2 February 2009

Father and Son

Angie had to show Satchmo because of my knee, she stood 2sd in Post Graduate Dog and this partnership is on their way to Crufts............
The photo shows Stoli and Satchmo stood outside in the cold at the LMC open show.

Well Done Hannah and Stoli

Well this was MY superstar of the day at the LMC open show, he was handled for the first time by Hannah, I am not handling due to knee injury, Stoli and Hannah acheived the following
1st Minor Puppy Dog & Best Minor Puppy,
1st Puppy Dog, 2sd Junior Dog,
1st Novice Dog & Best Novice,
Best Male Puppy and Best Opposite Puppy In Show


This is Annie at the LMC show yesterday, she had an enjoyable day out, she stood 2sd in Graduate Bitch and 1st in Post Graduate Bitch, this partnership is also on it's way to Crufts


This is Tweed, shown by Hannah yesterday at the LMC open show, this partnership is going to Crufts. Thanks Hannah for showing my lot, especially taking over Stoli due to me injuring my knee in the car park at Manchester Champ Show. Thanks also to Simon for taking the photo.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

LMC OPEN SHOW - Judge Lynda Scott

WOW - what a day, cold biting wind but lovely and warm inside, below class winners, photos of my lot up later in week. Well done to all winners

Dog Class winners
Minor Puppy - Ichbin Egyptian Lord - Best Puppy dog
Puppy - Ichbin Egyptian Lord
Junior - Daleander Hot Love
Novice - Ichbin Egyptian Lord - Best Novice
Graduate - Celtaur African Swallow of Palangor - Reserve Best Dog
Post Graduate - Jordi Van De Stommeerpolder
Limit - Qua;itil Unforgetable
Open - Raycris New Attraction at Alfriston
Special Working Raycris Pips Magic V Tarkanya
Veteran - Sh Ch Yeldoaks Hot Favourite of Palangor - Best Dog, Best In Show,
Best Veteran

Bitch Class Winners
Minor puppy absent
Puppy Ghyllbeck Ami Zeva at Rimcrest Best Puppy In Show
Junior Daleander Summer Love
Novice Daleander Special Love
Graduate Celtaur Atlantic Seal JW - Reserve Best Bitch
Post Graduate Ichbin OceanMagic
Limit Gorsebank Lady Amethyst of Tattay
Open Sh Ch Gorsebank Marchioness Lizi of Jendellas - Best Bitch &
Reserve Best In Show
Special Working Sh Ch Daleander Love Me Do
Veteran Conamore Light Of My Life