Sunday, 31 May 2009

Kobi - Ichbin L litter

This is Kobi the first week in his new home looking very settled, look forward to seeing more photos as he grows up. Thanks to his owners for the photo

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Pups 10 days old

This is Flower

This is Sugar

This is Spice

This is Rose

This is Dot

This is Cove

Now the boys

This is Saddle

This is Dazzle

This is Spot

Thought you would all like to see photos of this litter now theyhave reached 10 days old, will try and up date weekly

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Stoli - Ichbin Egyptian Lord has a clear eye certificate today and has been DNA tested and sent off to the AHT along with his parents, he goes to his new owners on the 7th of June due to my injured knee and ankle.

If any other people want the kit for DNA testing for the AHT you can ask me and I will make sure a kit is sent to you. It is a very easy test to do just swab the inside of mouth and send off copy of eye certificate and pedigree. I do it every time I get a dog eye tested. This is for the Munsterlanders.

I also eye test the gordons but they at the moment being tested for late onset PRA.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS............................

Monday May 26th This was taken am today as I went in to clean out box as you can see mum and babies now fine and relaxed. Think the pups will think they are related to Yeats, as Tweed allows him in to sniff the pups when she is in there. Excuse the marks on vet bed etc thought it was worth taking the photo anyway...........
Monday 25th May Finished staining the fence, most of it done sitting on a chair as knee and ankle too painful otherwise, father managed to lay 2 slabs as I am not a lot of help.
Sunday 24th May A NIGHTS SLEEP.................. peaceful Tweed and household, after mentioning all this to Tweeds breeder she reminded me Tweeds gran did not like the door to the whelping room closed, so against all odds, left door open and now she comes and goes as she pleases, milk now in big time and everybody happy.
Ali kindly brought Yeats back lunch time after his weekend away and did wonder what Tweed would do with him going in the puppy room, she set the ground rules, you come in when I am in there but not when I am not, all it took was her chasing him out once now no bother and everybody relaxed.
Saturday 23rd May Congratulations to Ali and Nessie at Bath as placed in 2 big classes and well done Hannah and Yeats as they were also placed. (Photos will be up when Ali sends me them)

Pups now 5 days, beginning to go back to a bit of normal life........... This is Saturday late on and finally cracked the situation with Tweed, after no sleep and out staining the fence at 5am to get some peace, with Balian asleep on the garden too, gave in and went back to vets who couldn't find anything wrong with Tweed, another lot of medication and me in a foul mood cause of no sleep, came home and did everything on auto pilot .
Friday 22sd May. Still very tired but Tweed had a good night. Think medication helped. Ali came to pick up Yeats to go and be groomed ready for BATH champ show on Saturday as she was taking him and Hannah to the show, he was staying out as groomed in Nottingham and Ali lives in Essex......... Alan and Ed came and put up my new fencing and the paving slabs were delivered. Thanks to those 2 garden is beginning to take shape.
Thursday 21st May In vets by 8.30am not feeling good and bothered what was wrong, they found nothing but gave her medication to help her milk come in after a very comprehensive check up. When finally went on here late evening found the photo below send to me from Jenny...........................................
with email saying thanks for letting them have Tarot earlier in the year as he had helped Cash and them through May 15th a year since they lost their beloved Visa and hoped the photo of Cash and Tarot singing to Pete helped me through today as it was 2 years ago I had to let Freya go, and she knew I was dreading the day and may needed cheering up, what she did not know was what was happening this end............ yes it worked and pleased he has helped you 3.

Wednesday 20th May As you can see mum and babies relaxed, that same day Tweed decided she wasn't staying in whelping room with pups as her milk had not come in and was distressed and couldn't feed the babies, so I hand fed overnight to see if milk would come in, by 7am it hadn't so off to the vets we drove.
Tuesday 19th May Pretty uneventful, tried to catch up on sleep and jobs as you do.........

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Busy 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took this yesterday lunch time to show Tweeds breeder, upside down on the settee, little did we know she was hours away from the whelping, as vet and I were not expecting them until Thursday/Friday...............

Satchmo went home and then Tweed wrecked the whelping box and looked most peeved at me, again taken to show her breeder, but thought you all would like to see this

Tweed finally getting ready to start whelping after re doing whelping box

Tweed having a snooze after first 2 hads arrived

Tweed sleeping after having the first 4, hence the wet paper, photos of them all to follow when I have had a nights sleep.

I came through the room to make sure Balian was ok and found him sleeping on the top of the sofa, he's been watching Satchmo no doubt, as this is his trick.

Proper photos up tomorrow, and people will be contacted who are on the list, but anybody interested please contact me by phone or email, details on my site

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Well done to Flikka & Tweeds relations at SKC 2009

Must say well done to the 3 new Celtaur pups who had a good day out at their first champ show, Flint 1st puppy dog, Obi 2sd puppy dog, Freckles 2sd puppy bitch. Not to be forgotten, Noodle stood 3rd in post grad bitch and China stood 2sd in open bitch.

Also Tina entered the new competition being held this year Breeders cup and her team entered and won.

Ps not going mad have change my pups name to Balian, a name from history I have always liked.

Friday, 15 May 2009

A wet Friday morning!!!!!!!

I made it up here!! Balian asleep, first time he managed to get up on the settee

Tweed feeling a little full after breakfast, more to do with pregnancy I think

Satchmo (dad to be) and Tweed (mum to be ) resting on a very wet morning

Balian chewing a toy, the photo below says it all!!!!

Yeats warming through by the fire looking back over at Balian chewing his toy.

When I got up this morning was well pleased had decided not to go to Edinburgh to SKC champ show, as it was raining really hard and thought of keeping Yeats clean............ no way. Good luck to all those souls who did brave it today.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Birmingham Champ Show 2009



SHOW CHAMPION JAUDAS BELLA owned by Sandra and David Horan

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Skye Sona's daughter

This is Skye, she lovely, and she looks so pretty and cute, a real lady but looks can be very deceptive, thanks keep in touch


Bailey in his bed on his first day

Bailey fast asleep with one of his new toys, thanks for the lovely photos, Bailey is proudly owned by Tracey, Stephen and Thomas in Buckingshire.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Chelmsford open show today

The Fluich gang and Uncle Chevy

Took Yeats out so Hannah could practice and they performed well so thanks Hannah.
Nessie and Ali also in same class and both did well by being 3rd in Junior
Alan and Chevy (Celtaur Bealtuinn of Palangor) won post grad

The Munsters

Paulyne and Merlin (Celtaur African Swallow of Palangor) won post grad, he is Flikka and Tweeds brother.
Best of Breed went to Indi (Sh Ch Yeladoaks Hot Favourite of Palangor) well done Alan and Indi
Indi is a son of an Ichbin bitch but Indi is bred by Janet Smith

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Murphy 1 a Sona and Tarot pup

This is Murphy 1 sat on the beach, makes me feel that summer maybe coming, after previous posts, looks very happy, thanks to his owner for sending the photos and the updates

Boomer in the snow from earlier on in 2009

Boomer and her pal Dan having a whale of a time in the snow we had back earlier in 2009, she seems to be enjoying herself more than Dan by the look on his face, Thanks for the lovely photos, kept one back for later as think it is really really good

WELKS 2009 Photos

A few photos below showing WELKS at it's best

Alan and Chevy on the move in Post Graduate dog, what a lovely sunny day

Another one showing off Chevy and Alan on the move, again in perfect harmony

Chevy and Alan stood so judge can look

Lorraine and Demi on the move, again both striding out

Lorraine and Demi stood waiting for the judge to make her mind up

Lorraine and Nessie on the move, showing her for Ali

Nessie and Lorraine stood waiting for the judge to see if they are placed

Hannah and Yeats with the judge going over him, partnerhip first time out, they need practice but it will come in time

Friday, 1 May 2009

Bailey and Luna

Bailey and Luna have now gone to new homes today, will update when they have settled in, now just need a home for one boy who's people decided not to have at the last minute, anybody interested please contact me details are 01778 560223, if on phone please leave message and number and I will phone you back, or email me on

Anybody looking for a bitch, or pup later on I do have a litter due on 24th May. Details will be put up on my litter page shortly.